Curriculum & Consulting

Project-Based STEM Curriculum

We design and develop project-based STEM curriculum for all grade levels and backgrounds

FoxBot uses a project-based learning approach to teach fundamental concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. A project-based approach is an effective method for teaching the Next Generation Science Standards, or NGSS, as all of our projects and activities involve the use of cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge.

Our curriculum has been touted by educators and students alike as the “most favorite thing they’ve ever done in school.” We are particularly proud that our curriculum is engaging and effective with girls, gender non-binary folks, and students that struggle to focus. Because we use a fun, student-guided project-based approach, students gain a new appreciation and interest in STEM subjects.

Our past and current projects include:

Arduino 101; Breadboarding 101; How to Choose a Microcontroller; Intro to the (Headless) Raspberry Pi; Raspberry Pi LAN Webserver; Physics & Parkour.


Maker/STEM Consulting and Professional Development

We help organizations learn and apply maker and STEM educational techniques, teaching folks fundamental skills and knowledge so they can further use these skills to teach others.

We meet educators where they are and give them the skills. knowledge, and resources they need to be successful and to align with common standards like NGSS.

Our past and current projects include:

Arduino and other microcontroller Professional Development for elementary, middle, and high school educators; Makerspace material and tool recommendations, sourcing, and organization; STEM after-school program activities, including ideas, technical information, and lesson outline; Makerspace staff and educator training; and accessible technical documentation for audience and staff of makerspaces and museums.

Interested in custom curriculum or maker/STEM consulting?

Current Rate: $125/hr + $35/hr travel time