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Project-Based STEM Curriculum

We design and develop project-based STEM curriculum for all grade levels and backgrounds

FoxBot uses a project-based learning approach to teach fundamental concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. A project-based approach is an effective method for teaching the Next Generation Science Standards, or NGSS, as all of our projects and activities involve the use of cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge.

Our curriculum has been touted by educators and students alike as the “most favorite thing they’ve ever done in school.” We are particularly proud that our curriculum is exciting and engaging with girls and students who often struggle with or are averse to STEM subjects. Because we use a fun, student-guided project-based approach, students gain a new appreciation and interest in learning, creating, and doing.

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FoxBot Curriculum

  • Arduino 101
  • Breadboarding 101
  • How to Choose a Microcontroller
  • Intro to the (Headless) Raspberry Pi


Learn and apply maker educational techniques across STEM subjects in a wide variety of spaces, fostering community, engaging and educating, and leaving a lasting impression.

We create front- and staff-facing assets, including curriculum, videos, and photos, to provide unique, modular, and scalable activities and events, both planned and unplanned, tailored to your space, needs, audience, and budget.

Professional Development

Educators, unite! Our Professional Development workshops teach you how to bring low-cost, accessible technology into the classroom with a focus on giving you the experience and knowledge to make decisions that best fit your and your students’ needs and resources.

We also help with implementing lessons and projects that align to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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