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Build it: Brush Bot!

Kit ‘Deets

Dismantle an electric toothbrush and use the components inside to build your very own Brush Bot*! This kit guides you through the process of extracting a motor, building a simple circuit, and using design thinking to build all sorts of different lil’ bots from the kit contents and upcycled materials around the house. Find inspiration from nature or the whimsical realms of your imagination and let loose your Brush Bot creations!

  • Ages 6 to infinity¬†
  • Includes all materials (and info) needed to build a Brush Bot (including a battery!)
  • Suggested tools: scissors, glue (hot glue gun preferably), and/or tape
  • Use the toothbrush body to replace your old toothbrush (which ya should do every 6 months) or use the pieces to build your Brush Bot!

More to Explore

Looking for Brush Bot inspiration or for more challenges? Check out our Robot Mini Golf project tutorial and build an obstacle course for yourself, your friends, or your classroom!

*Brush Bots are a simple version of a robot made from a motor with a counterweight, a battery, and a simple body design to help it move.

How to Purchase

Cost: $22

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with a local Seattle-based pediatric dentist: Ballard Pediatric Dentistry! They are offering a Build It: Brush Bot! kit for their Halloween contest — visit their clinic at 1400 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 for your chance to win!

Please inquire directly if you are interested in purchasing a Build It: Brush Bot! kit.