Professional Development

Learn essential STEM concepts, tools, and project-based learning techniques to make your classroom effective, engaging, and fun!

Our Professional Development workshops teach you how to bring low-cost, accessible, and versatile technology into the classroom while teaching you fundamental concepts, skills, and confidence in STEM subjects. Our goal is to help you make curriculum and content decisions that best meet your and your students’ needs and resources while stillĀ meeting educational standards like Next Generation Science Standards (“NGSS”).

We provide a hands-on learning environment where you have the opportunity to work with new tools in the educational technology realm, such as Arduino microcontrollers, the micro:bit, and more. Each workshop is focused on your needs as an educator, and we work with you to give you time and space to determine how to best meet the needs of your students, your school, and your administration.

Our Professional Development workshops are helpful for educators in the sciences, arts, humanities, library educators, and more!

Examples of concepts and skills you may learn include:

  • Design Thinking and general troubleshooting skills
    • Including: identifying and using low-cost materials, incorporating project-based learning that meets NGSS standards, where to find high-quality and free resources, where to ask questions and seek personalized assistance
  • Arduino coding and circuit building
    • Coding topics include: syntax, structure, how to write simple programs, how to read code, where to find example programs, and how to use and find Arduino libraries
    • Circuit topics include: using breadboards and jumper wires, reading wiring diagrams, identifying pins, controlling common and simple inputs and outputs such as photoresistors (light sensors), switches, and LEDs
  • Basics of electricity, including current, voltage, resistance, power, and capacity
  • Basics of physical computing
    • Including: analog and digital signals, binary numbers, logic gates, and analog-to-digital conversion
  • Micro:bit coding and circuit building
    • Coding topics include: block-based coding structure and syntax, using radio/bluetooth, creating sound
    • Circuit topics include: servo motors, speakers/headphones
  • Popular, affordable, and well-supported tech options for the classroom
    • Including: pros/cons, recommended age levels, activity and lesson ideas


One-on-one in-person or video coaching and classroom observations: $150/hr

2-hr and half-day (6-hr) workshops: $185/hr