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Words from our students

“I don’t know very much [about computer science] honestly. This lesson taught me more about the physical aspects of how computers work, not just coding which was nice… this class made [me] more interested [in computer science] because it taught me more about the physical aspects of computers.” 7th grade student, Louisa Boren STEM K-8 School

“Thank you for coming and teaching us how this worked it has helped me to understand how electricity works!” 7th grade student, Hamilton Middle School 

“I have asked this [mathematics] question of people I interview and I honestly haven’t seen someone explain the answer this well in my entire 25 years if working with engineers. Thanks for the great solution.” YouTube Subscriber to our Math Mondays series

“I love your page. I’m looking for something to connect my 9-year-old son, his curiosity for coding and robots, my passion for learning to code, ALL within our father-son time lol… your projects are it! Thanks for sharing.” – Father, USA

I literally had to call the boys out at camp yesterday (in a playful way) cause my younger girls were hurdling past them on the Arduino front. 😂 We are using the spark fun 3.0/4.0 builds… and tweaking… kids are doing SO great!! I shouldn’t be surprised but am… so underestimated what these kids can do… loving every second. 🥰 Thank you for your awesome example! Appreciate you!” – Devyn L.,  Portland elementary school

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