We make things and teach other folks how to make things!

We believe that education is the key to a successful, equitable, and progressive society. The more we know, the more problems we can solve and the better we can solve them! Our goal is to teach our students critical thinking and problem-solving skills alongside practical, career-ready skills in STEM fields.

To do this, we provide:

  • Project-based learning workshops and one-on-one classes in STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) subjects;
  • Custom professional and curriculum development in STEM subjects;
  • Innovative, useful, and fun project and tool tutorials!

Our students engage in design and prototyping using common and industry-standard tools and practices. Through the process of building a particular project, our students explore, experiment, and discover fundamental concepts in STEM subjects. This learning approach naturally fosters curiosity, creativity, and self-directed learning.

Curriculum and projects are adaptable for students of all ages and backgrounds.


Workshops & Curriculum

We provide all materials and tools needed to build a particular project. While we strive to let our students keep as much of their project as possible, if you would like to keep all of the materials from a particular project we request that materials cost is added to the cost of the workshop.


$60/hr + $30/hr travel time

Small Group Workshops (max. 5)

$150/hr + $30/hr travel time

Large Group Workshops (6 or more)

Based on size and type of class — please inquire.

Professional & Curriculum Development


$100/hr + $30/hr travel time

Current and Past Client Projects 

Arduino 101; Breadboarding 101; Breadboarding Game; Raspberry Pi LAN Webserver; Physics & Parkour.

Custom Project Tutorials

We develop, prototype, and publish custom project and tool tutorials. We use a variety of technologies, including Arduino and other Atmel-based microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi computers, and fabrication tools like 3D printers and lasercutters.

Our tutorials consistently receive thousands of views and have been featured by SparkFun Electronics, Adafruit Industries, Instructacles, Hackaday, Make: Media, and others. Please contact us to arrange a tutorial for your company’s product(s)!


$75/hr + materials


Please contact us at or to set up workshops, professional or curriculum development, or custom project tutorials for yourself, your school, or your organization.

Thank you and happy building!