Current Workshop Offerings

1 – Robot Mini Golf

Design and build a Brush Bot to compete in a mini golf inspired obstacle course! Use your creativity while learning and implementing the basics of circuits, electronics, and design thinking.

Length: 2 hours

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: $75 per student

Currently offering at the following locations:

1. Living Computers: Museum & Labs

Please note that LCM+L subsidizes these workshops — they are $12 for non-members and are FREE for LCM+L members!

Address:  2245 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Dates: These workshops occur monthly. Please check their website for dates and advance registration (highly suggested, these fill up quick!).

2. Push/Pull Artist Collective

Address: 5484 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Dates: TBD

2 – Paper Circuits: Make a Light-Up Card!

Light-up cards make the world a brighter place! In this workshop, learn the basics of circuits and make a custom, light-up card for yourself or a loved one! You’ll gain practical skills and knowledge in STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) fields through project-based learning. Plus, you’ll leave with extra materials to make another card at home or to teach a friend!

Length: 90-min

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: $75 per student


3 – Design Thinking: Biomimicry


Nature inspires countless human innovations, from airplane wings to Velcro to camera lenses. Discover how to recognize, observe, and analyze natural processes and systems to solve fundamental design and engineering challenges. Apply the designing thinking process and use biomimcry techniques to learn and utilize the design thinking process to invent and build a game that incorporates natural materials!

Our Design Thinking workshops cover the fundamentals of design: how to identify a problem and an appropriate solution, how to kickstart innovation and creativity, and how to iterate through your prototyping process to hone in your desired product.

Length: 90-min

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: $50 per student

4 – Take-Apart Tinkering

Work with tools and discover the many little electrical components that make up our everyday items. Take apart that old, dusty telephone, learn how to distinguish capacitors from resistors, and keep all the pieces you want! From the wreckage, we’ll harvest wires, circuit boards, and buttons to create our own up-cycled creations—and learn where to recycle the rest without harming others or our environment.

This 2-hour exploratory workshop is design for kids and teens, adults always welcome!

Length: 120-min

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: $50 per student

Other Events

Reoccurring Drop-In Activities:

  • Office Hours at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs
    • Thursdays from 3 – 5 PM.

Contact us to set up a workshop!