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We take an arts-based approach to learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Learn how to use these subjects as tools, to explore and build the things YOU want!  Take our workshops to nourish your curiosity, build creative confidence, and learn some handy, practical, and, as they say, future-ready concepts and skills.

Workshop Overview

Just getting started in making and tinkering or nervous about where to start? Check out our Level 0 workshops! If you’ve had some experience building things or are ready to dive right on in, take a look at our Level 1 & 2 workshops!

Is cost an issue? Please let us know! We want to ensure access to our workshops for each and every interested individual. 


  • Take-Apart Tinkering
  • Exploring Materials


  • Robot Mini Golf
  • Crafting with Circuits
  • Magical micro:bit


  • Making Magic w/ the micro:bit


  • Arduino 101: Build a Theremin!
  • Breadboarding 101


  • Introduction to the (Headless) Raspberry Pi

Workshop Descriptions


Exploratory courses in tinkering, tool use, and design thinking for those just getting started and for the lil’ kiddos (ages 5 and up).

1 – Take-Apart Tinkering

Work with tools and discover the many little electrical components that make up our everyday items. Take apart that old, dusty telephone, learn how to distinguish capacitors from resistors, and keep all the pieces you want! From the wreckage, we’ll harvest wires, circuit boards, and buttons to create our own up-cycled creations—and learn where to recycle the rest without harming others or our environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • What electronics are and what they are made of;
  • How to use basic tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and multimeters;
  • Names and functions of basic circuit components;
  • How to reuse and recycle electronics and electronic components.

Length: 2 hours

Ages: 5 and up

2 – Explore Materials!

Discover weird and wonderful ways to use and reuse common household materials! Each workshop focuses on a specific material, like cardboard, paper, or clothespins, and presents a special challenge to tackle using that material.

Our challenges include: Design a game; Invent something to change the world; Make something that moves; and Create a Home.

What you’ll learn:

  • The Design Thinking Process;
  • Simple prototyping methods;
  • Different ways to use common household materials;
  • How to scale and tackle large challenges
  • How to reuse materials for fun and functional purposes.

Length: 2 hours

Ages: 5 and up


Worked with some tools and made a few things but want to advance and expand your skills and knowledge? Come take a beginner+ workshop! These are designed for beginners (and kids ages 7 and older).  Here are our current workshop offerings:

1 – Robot Mini Golf

Design and build a Brush Bot to tackle obstacles and earn points! Use your creativity while learning and implementing the basics of circuits, electronics, and design thinking.

What you’ll learn:

  • What electricity is and how it works;
  • How to build a circuit using wires;
  • How to use and build with motors;
  • Basic terms like current, voltage, and resistance;
  • Design Thinking.

Length: 2 hours

Ages: 8 and up

2 – Crafting with Circuits

Light-up cards make the world a brighter place! Plus, electricity is super fun to wield and add to your projects. We’ll cover the basics of what electricity is and how to make a circuit, then use our knowledge to add lights to all sorts of paper crafts!

What you’ll learn:

  • What electricity is and how it works;
  • How to build a circuit using copper tape;
  • How to use and build with LEDs;
  • Basic terms like power, energy, current, voltage, and resistance;
  • Design Thinking.

Length: 2 hrs

Ages: 8 and up

3 – Magical Devices with the micro:bit

If you’re asking “What’s a microcontroller?”, this workshop is perfect for you! Coming soon!


What the heck is Arduino? How is a microcontroller different from a computer?? Our Intermediate workshops cover these topics and more! This series is designed for folks who have some experience with algebra, electronics, and microcontrollers.

1 – Making Magic with the micro:bit

Add “smart” electronics to your costumes, props, & other projects! In this workshop, we’ll use the Micro:Bit microcontroller to control lights, send radio messages, and move motors.  Time permitting, we’ll also build some actual props!

This workshop includes hardware overview of the Micro:Bit, teaches you how to use block-based code on the Microsoft MakeCode website, and covers the Design Thinking process for prototyping.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a Micro:Bit microcontroller is and what it does;
  • Block-based programming;
  • What servo motors are and how to connect and program them;
  • Simple mechanical mechanisms;
  • Design Thinking.

Ages: 14 and up

2 – Breadboarding 101: Build an Analog Theremin!

Let’s get analog! Discover the variety of components that make up everyday electronics using an electronic hobbyists favorite tool: the breadboard! We’ll practice building circuits with common components, then use our knowledge to build an analog Theremin, no coding required.

What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental understanding of breadboards and how they are used for rapid circuit prototyping;
  • Names, functions, and how to use common circuit components;
  • How to read and build electrical schematics;
  • Understand how conductors, insulators, and resistors manipulate the flow of electricity;
  • What and how basic components make up computers and other electronic devices.

Ages: 10 and up


Our Intermediate+ workshops build on hardware and software skills to create unique and more complex projects. This series is designed for folks who have already taken one of our Intermediate courses or who have 3 – 12+ months experience coding (any language) and/or working with electronics.

1 – Arduino 101: Build a Digital Theremin!

Wield the power of an Arduino to control lights, read in sensors, and build a theremin*! We’ll learn about Arduino programming (a combination of C++ and Processing), explore a some common circuit components, and use some handy tricks to make and customize a simple theremin.

What you’ll learn:

  • What an Arduino microcontroller is and what it does;
  • Basic Arduino programming (based on C++ and processing languages);
  • Names and functions of basic components;
  • How to use a breadboard;
  • How to build simple circuits.

Ages: 12 and up

*A theremin is an electronic instrument that changes sounds based on how you wave your hands around it. The version in this workshop uses a light sensor called a photoresistor.


1- Intro to the (Headless) Raspberry Pi!

Free yourself from all* the cables and learn how to connect to the Raspberry Pi 3 remotely! Bring your Pi 3 (or Pi Zero) and a micro SD Card and learn how to connect to it remotely! We’ll edit our SD card to allow for remote connection, the programs and information needed to remotely connect (via SSH), and generally how to use the Pi.

*Welll you’ll still need a power cable 🙂

What you’ll learn:

  • General overview of the Raspberry Pi;
  • Introduction to remote connection via SSH (Secure SHell) and how to enable it on the Pi;
  • How to use the Linux command line;
  • How to get to the GUI (Graphical User Interface), or Desktop view, via SSH;

Ages: 14 and up (or w/ prior experience with the Pi)

Private Lessons

Personalized, student-driven curriculum.

One-on-One: $75/hr + $35/hr travel time

Small Group Workshops (max. 5): $150/hr + $35/hr travel time

Large Group Workshops (6 or more): Based on size, type, and location of class — please inquire.

Contact us to set up a workshop or lesson in the Greater Seattle Region!

Please note that workshops and lessons outside of the Greater Seattle Region may require an additional travel fee.