We make things and teach other folks how to make things!

Our mission is to educate and empower women and girls in Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics (“STEAM”) fields through project-based learning and design thinking. We aim to cultivate lifelong learners that apply, grow, and share their knowledge and skills to design and build practical solutions for problems in their own lives, their communities, and for the environment (and sometimes just for fun).

We promote and advocate for: equal protection and education for all persons; environmental conservation and protection; and reduction of consumption and waste.

Our Services:

  • Project-based learning STEAM workshops for women and girls of all ages and backgrounds;
  • Professional development and customized curriculum development for educators and parents;
  • Publication of open-source educational classes, projects, and tutorials.

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About the Founder, Jennifer Fox (aka jenfoxbot)


Jennifer Fox is an engineer with a diverse and broad range of experience in both industry and education, with positions ranging from a dark matter detection researcher to a Hacker in Residence for SparkFun Electronics. She has a B.A. in Physics and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
Jennifer’s work through FoxBot Industries has been prominently featured by the Living Computers: Museum + Labs, Make: Media, Instructables, HackaDay, IEEE, and the Pacific Science Center.