We make things and teach other folks how to make things!

Our mission is to empower and educate women and girls to explore, discover, and create positive change in their own lives and in their communities. To achieve this goal, we provide open-source project and tool tutorials, in-person workshops, and custom project-based curriculum in Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics (“STEAM”) fields that provide real-life experience and prepare folks for their future.

We believe that education is the key to a successful, equitable, and progressive society. The more we know, the more problems we can solve and the better we can solve them! Our goal is to teach our students critical thinking and problem-solving skills alongside practical, career-ready skills in STEAM fields. We recognize that educators don’t always have the time, money, or resources to spend on creating STEAM content for their classrooms, so we offer quick and affordable activities that can be easily implemented in a wide variety of subjects.

Our projects have helped folks with disabilities build custom and easier-to-use interfaces for their computers; they have helped teachers bring technology into their classrooms, and they have been used by parents as ways to build and bond with their children.

Our project-based lessons engage and inspire students to explore and test things out on their own, like trying to figure out how many LEDs a single coin cell battery can power, or how to flash an LED with a capacitor and a slide switch.

Our students demonstrate real, applicable skills that resonate and retain, allowing them to focus on and develop their unique interests. Our students are able to learn independently and know how and when to collaborate with others.

We are passionate about the work that we do because we know it enables each person to be a problem solver and creator. The greatest work we do will be through you, our students.

We promote and advocate for: equal protection and education for all persons; environmental conservation and protection; and reduction of consumption and waste.

“The revolt against [Earth’s] destruction is a revolt of the imagination, in favor of subtleties, of pleasures money can’t buy and corporations can’t command, of being producers rather than consumers of meaning, of the slow, the meandering, the digressive, the exploratory, the numinous, the uncertain.” Rebecca Solnit 

Our Services:

  • Project-based learning workshops, one-on-one, and small-group classes in STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) subjects;
  • Custom professional and curriculum development in STEAM subjects;
  • Innovative project and tool tutorials.

Take a look around our website to check out our projects and activities, or get added to our mailing list to stay up-to-date with our projects and workshops!

Our current and past clients include Microsoft, SparkFun Electronics, the Living Computers: Museum & Labs, the King County Library System, the Pacific Science Center, the Northwest Council for Computer Education, and Parkour Visions.

About the Founder, Jennifer Fox (aka jenfoxbot)

Jen Fox is an engineer, a maker, and an educator. After dabbling in dark matter (B.S., Physics, Occidental College), Fox settled into engineering (M.S., Mechanical Engineering, UCLA) with a blend of inventing and education, leading her to found FoxBot Industries in mid-2015.

Fox’s research contributions in physics are published in multiple journals, including Astroparticle Physics, the Journal of Instrumentation, and Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Fox’s engineering expertise includes renewable energy technology, electronics, and data science. She has taught STEAM subjects to thousands of students in every setting imaginable, from week-long maker camps for kids to university physics courses at UCLA.

Fox’s work through FoxBot Industries has been featured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, SparkFun Electronics, Adafruit Industries, Make: Media, Living Computers: Museum + Labs, Instructables, HackaDay, IEEE, and the Pacific Science Center.

Please feel free to contact Jen directly at jenfoxbot@gmail.com

Our Maker-Educator, Heather Johnston-Robinson

Heather Johnston-Robinson is a vibrant, accessible maker-educator for Foxbot Industries and MyOpen3D driven to help people of all ages find and foster their spark of ingenuity. She has a Masters in Education and has worked as a high school and college level educator since 2004. She’s also taught after school LEGO robotics in South Seattle public elementary schools and worked with the Bush School librarians to organize their Lower School Maker Night. As a kid, Heather was lead to believe she couldn’t understand math, and the discovery, as an adult, that she could not only “get,” but come to love the subject is a major inspiration for her visual, kinesthetic approach. She’s particularly interested in merging her passion for comics with her mission to create portals into STEM for the frustrated and discouraged.