FoxBot Guest Post: Gesture-Controlled Lighting!

We are excited to announce our first ever guest tutorial! Designed and developed by Miranda Hanson, a Seattle-based maker, this tutorial will teach you how to build gesture controlled lights!

Miranda created this awesome project because she wanted to build an affordable and modifiable lighting system that folks could play like an instrument. She incorporated gesture control, custom visuals, and various dials for lighting brightness and display speed.

Here’s a video of the project in action:

To learn how to build your own custom gesture-controlled lighting, check out Miranda’s tutorial by clicking this link!

Happy making!

Website Updates!

Hello friends!

jenfoxbot here to announce a new & improved (..hopefully, lol) website!!

We’ve moved around and added a lot of things, but it should be more clear and easy to navigate to find the things you are most interested in.

We (in the royal sense) have been doing a ton of administrative work lately, using the tools in our heads rather than tools in our hands, which is why we’ve been slow on the project and video tutorials. Fortunately it means that this will allow us to grow and to do more of the things that you love from us!

That being said, please tell us what you like and what you’d like to see more of! Our goal is to teach you the things you want to learn, and to best do that we would love to hear directly from you!

We are also always looking for help, so if you’d like to contribute to building an early-state company please let us know 🙂

You can leave a comment for us here, or reach out to us directly:

Thank you for your support and go forth to make all the things!