Build an (easy) Floor Piano!

Anyone who ever had the chance to visit the FAO Schwartz Toy Store or who has seen the movie “Big” has probably always dreamed about having their very own floor piano. Well, now you can! The Makey Makey microcontroller makes it super… Read more

Micro:Bit Puppet “Text Message” System

Intro Nearly all of our wireless communication is done using radio waves*, including phone calls, text messages, and WiFi. With its built-in radio transmitters and receivers, the Micro:Bit microcontroller makes it super easy to build all sorts of projects with… Read more

Prototyping Magnetic Boots!

Walking across large, metal pipes in search of urban adventure, my inner voice joked, “Hey, magnet shoes would be handy right about now.” Well, no arguing with that! Off to build my very own magnetic shoes! This tutorial gives an… Read more